With fastPay without being a bank customer,
you can make payments with your mobile phone, withdraw cash and carry out transactions to simplify your life.



Download now and sign up.

According to the model of your smart phone you can download fastPay from App Store, Google play, Windows Phone Store free of charge and start using it instantly.
After you enter your ID Number and specifically created password, registration is complete!

There are 3 ways for uploading money to your fastPay.

You can use Account-Card Transactions options inside the app,

Send money from Online Banking of any other bank,

Upload money through any DenizBank ATM without a card.


What can I do with fastPay?

Send Money

Without being a customer of DenizBank; you can send money free of charge 24/7 by entering the mobile phone number of the recipient.

  • Sending money
    is easy with fastPay
  • Send money
    to anyone 24/7
    independent from time and space.
  • Complete your transaction
    by entering the mobile phone
    number of the recipient!

Make Payments

You can search the fastPay merchants to make payment by listening them according to locations or name.

  • Ease of payment
    at thousands of merchants
    with fastPay!
  • List merchants
    you can use fastPay
    with a single click!
  • Make your payments
    without getting up,
    even if you aren’t at the venue itself!

Withdraw Money

You can use the amount in your FastPay balance to cover your cash needs. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, tap “create password” and withdraw your money from the nearest ATM with this password.

  • Cover your cash needs
    with your mobile phone!
  • Convert the amount
    in your balance
    into cash at DenizBank ATMs!
  • Don’t look for DenizBank ATMs,
    leave it to fastPay!

Top up your mobile phone/ buy package

You can top up TL/package to your mobile phone number or another number by selecting tariffs from your GSM operator via your wallet balance or linked account balance.

  • Topping up TL/package
    has never been this easy!
  • Top up the amount you wish
    to the number you want
  • The topped up amount
    will be deducted
    from your fastPay balance!


Thanks to wallet menu, you can monitor your fastPay balance, your added accounts and transfer money to your balance.

  • You can add your current account
    if you are a DenizBank customer
  • You can manage your Account-Card Settings and Account Transfers from wallet menu.
  • You can add any bank credit card
    to your fastPay.

Transfer with Voice

You can send money to people you save as "quick transaction" with your voice.

  • You only have to pronounce
    the name as it is registered
    in quick transactions.
    Example: "Send 10 TL to Deniz."

Withdraw with Voice

You can withdraw money from closest ATM,
without card or password,
just with your voice.

  • Withdraw money by saying
    “fastPay give me XX TL”
    to your phone.


You can take advantage of special deals at contracted merchants.

  • . You can list fasPay deals
    according to their locations,
    search by name or sector.

Transaction History

You can monitor status and details of previous transactions, return incoming money and send passwords again to the person you sent money to.

  • You can monitor
    all transaction details
    in your history.

fastPay Support

You can call our Call Center automatically for instant help via the fastPay Support menu in the main menu or the telephone icon on the upper left side of the screen.

  • You can receive support
    from our Call Center
    with a single tap.
  • You can watch
    the fastPay trailer movies.


With a single click, by using fastPay shortcuts you can initiate any transaction. For instance you can update your fastPay balance by shaking your phone.

  • Define your shortcuts;
    a single move is enough
    to start any transaction you want!
  • You can start any transaction
    with only one touch!


Payment at Merchants

With mobile wallet fastPay, you can pay at merchants without any need for your wallet.


Online Payments

You can also make online payments with fastpay.
When shopping online enter fastPay PIN code and OTP and easily complete the payment.


Hands-Free Payments

Hands-Free payment at fastPay merchants.
Now you can also make hands-free payments. By opening Bluetooth at smartphone, you can make contactless payments.



  • Yemek aşkının önüne kim geçebilir ki?

    Big Chefs restoranlarında fastPay ile %10 indirim fırsatı!

    Big Chefs Restoranlarında ödemesini fastPay ile yapanlar anında %10 indirimden faydalanıyor.

  • Eataly Market lezzetleri %10 İndirimli!

    Eataly Market’de fastPay ile anında %10 indirimli öde!

    Eataly Market'de ödemesini fastPay ile yapanlar anında %10 indirimden faydalanıyor.

  • fastPay ile Sinema biletiniz öğrenci bileti fiyatına!

    Hillside sinemalarında sinema biletin öğrenci bileti fiyatına!

    Tüm bankalara ait kredi kartını fastPay’e ekleyerek, sinema biletini fastPay ile öğrenci bileti fiyatına alabilirsin.

  • fastPay Meal Box Gurme Ev Yemekleri’ni Afiyetle sunar!

    Meal Box Gurme Ev Yemekleri fastPay ile kapında!

    Tüm bankalara ait kredi kartlarını fastPay'e ekleyerek www.mealbox.com.tr'de ödemeni kart bilgilerini girmeden daha hızlı yapabilirsin.


Transactions in your pocket with fastPay

To experience the comfort of mobile world, download fastPay from App Store and Google play.